The financial advice business
is a relationship business.




“Business is built on relationships, so we make building relationships our business”.


About us


Finchley and Kent is new, fresh and unencumbered by the legacy issues full-service AFSL established to challenge the current participants in the financial services arena by bringing innovation, original ideas and novel approach to the market.

Built by experienced industry professionals, Finchley and Kent remains compliance centric whilst offering the tools to deliver advice in a timely fashion and provide genuine value through outstanding support and superior quality services.

Being one of the Australia’s leading boutique dealer groups we offer tailored solutions to our professional network of financial advisers to help manage risk and overcome day-to-day challenges of running a successful practice.

Why Finchley & Kent

Having built a successful career as financial advisers ourselves, we understand the challenges you face and the support you need at every stage of your business growth.

Privately owned

This removes institutional influence and creates the environment to provide conflict free advice.

Extensive product list

A variety of product and platforms are available to assist in the provision of advice.

Time and cost efficiency

New platforms have been developed to reduce, time, effort and cost of compliance whilst improving the quality of delivery.

Unrivalled expertise

Finchley & Kent’s directors’ experience at the coal face means they have experienced what you are experiencing.

Compliance done right

The new regulation for financial advice requires non conflicted and robust compliance framework. Finchley & Kent have the best.

“Business is all about relationships, how well you build them determines how well they build your business”.



We understand that there is an increasing demand for dealer groups that add real value and help financial advisers to stay ahead of the competition by having a diverse service offering, up to date compliance, and efficient systems in place.

When you become a part of Finchley & Kent network, you will gain access to the state-of the art technology solutions, full back-office support, financial expert advice, professional compliance team, and all the resources necessary to run a successful practice.

“What clients are willing to pay for is a personal relationship with an advisor who not only understands their goals but is managing their portfolio in accordance with those goals.”


Our goal is to allow our advisers leverage our capabilities to grow their practices the way they have always wanted, while building their own brand and client base.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you broaden client offerings and revenue opportunities.

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Our Value Proposition

We provide outstanding support services for financial advisers that develop their advice offering with the aim to enable their clients make sound decisions by balancing their needs and wants and achieving their financial goals.

Approved Product List

We select products based on clients’ best interest, which is why we offer a comprehensive and well-researched approved product list which has been developed in conjunction with the research houses and market intelligence. The investment committee meets once a quarter to ensure relevance and quality are maintained.

Compliance Framework

Compliance will always be a big part of our industry, and a huge part of our service offering. Our meticulously selected professional provider together with our expert team have a deep understanding of the rules and regulations and provide powerful tools and frameworks to ensure you deliver quality advice in the best interest of your clients.

Audit Services

We take compliance very seriously and always support you and keep you safe. That’s why each Authorised Representative will receive an annual compliance audit from the external compliance provider.


We recognize that one research house cannot be all things to all practices and use a variety of top-rated independent research providers to ensure ongoing regular analysis of markets and investment options. So, our advisers and their clients can benefit from the extensive range of financial products that have been researched, approved and always remain up to date.

Virtual Administration

State-of-the-art back-office solution is available for product research and administration, documents and reports preparation, CRM and office management, ensuring your practice delivers advice efficiently and effectively.


To keep your practice performing optimally we offer an extensive paraplanning service through an associated company or an approved provider so you can deliver exceptional outcomes for your clients.

CPD online study

We provide each Adviser access to relevant training programs with Kaplan Professional. This will enable each Adviser to maintain their own personalised ongoing training register to ensure that continuing education requirements are met.

Professional Development

We are dedicated to supporting you grow. To help our advisers stay up to date with the latest regulatory and legislative developments we host 2 Professional Development Days per year to give you an opportunity to maintain your knowledge and skills.

Mortgage Broking

Our partnership with a leading Australian mortgage aggregator enables Advisers to be an Authorised Credit Representative under their credit licence.

Revenue Payment

We use PayLogic to provide full brokerage and commission payment and tracking which will be paid to Adviser/Practices twice monthly.

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